Ladbrokes.be is a brand of the Belgian company Derby S.A. which has been present on the Belgian territory since 1969. The brand belongs to the international group Entain. In Belgium, Ladbrokes.be is the undisputed market leader in the retail sector with more than 300 betting agencies and present in around 400 bookshops. This leads to more than 1000 employees in Belgium.

Ladbrokes.be is a company that develops its business activities in accordance with a very strict business ethic while being fully aware of its social responsibilities. In this context, Ladbrokes.be has for many years established and developed various collaborations with public or private organisations fighting against the risks of gambling addiction. Ladbrokes.be is part of a set of specific values to the world of sports betting. In fact, the company encourages responsible gaming and this thanks to their customer service which ensures a close follow-up of their customers. The company concentrates its activity on the Belgian territory in order to boost the Belgian economic sector as well as employment in Belgium.

Ladbrokes offers an unrivalled range of sports betting on all types of sporting events (football, tennis, F1, cycling, etc.) but also betting on horse races (French, English, Belgian) and greyhound racing. Ladbrokes.be offers their customers in Belgium the possibility of betting in agencies, bookshops, on the Internet and via mobile applications. Concerned about the quality of its service, Ladbrokes.be offers their customers an efficient and completely secure betting system.

In compliance with the legal and regulatory framework existing in Belgium, Ladbrokes.be has all the authorisations and licences enabling it to organize and engage the betting of the Belgian public. Ladbrokes.be is a company that develops its commercial activities in accordance with very strict business ethics and, as such, is fully aware of the social responsibilities incumbent upon it. In this context, Ladbrokes.be has initiated and developed various partnerships with public or private organisations fighting against the risks of gambling addiction.

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Yannik Bellefroid
Yannik Bellefroid
Managing Director @Ladbrokes.be


Yannik Bellefroid, CEO of Ladbrokes.be for over three years, has been part of the company for more than 20 years. During this time, Yannik Bellefroid has been able to learn, understand and appreciate the company and the environment in which it operates: "Throughout these years, I have learned to understand the gambling business, its regulations, its players and all the stakeholders involved. Today, the sector has evolved and Ladbrokes.be is adapting to the demands of its players while guaranteeing their protection" (CEO, Yannik Bellefroid).

Ladbrokes.be, with over 1,000 employees in Belgium, is evolving and adapting to the current situation: "All of our employees work in an environment where continious learning and mutual support are key. I put the emphasis on well-being in the workplace and encourage all staff to exchange and pass on information. It is essential that kindness prevails in order to be as successful as possible." (CEO, Yannik Bellefroid).

The objectives for Ladbrokes.be are constantly growing: "we want to develop our sector whist focusing on the responsibility of our players and advocating responsible gaming again and again".


  1. 1886

    Founding of Ladbrokes in England. The name was inspired by the founder, Arthur Bendir after his first visit to Ladbroke Hall in London

  2. 1970

    Establishment of Ladbrokes in Belgium

  3. 1984

    Ladbrokes marks its loan in Belgium with the acquisition of Le Tiercé SA, operator of more than 400 betting agencies

  4. 1990

    Ladbrokes.be joins UPAP

  5. 2014

    Ladbrokes.be launches on the digital market with the creation of its website

  6. 2018

    Multinational group GVC acquires Ladbrokes.be/Coral

  7. 2020

    Acquisition of the first Gaming Hall in Bree, Limburg

    GVC multinational group becomes Entain