Ladbrokes is an international brand which is operated in Belgium by DERBY S.A., a subsidiary of the multinational Entain Holdings PLC. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Entain Holdings PLC enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide through its network of agencies and the various digital channels it operates. The London-based company, which has existed since 1886, has a turnover of over £16 billion and employs over than 15,000 people all around the world.

Ladbrokes.be is a brand of the Belgian company Derby S.A. which has been present in Belgium since 1969. The brand belongs to the international group Entain Holdings PLC, which owns a wide range of brands in the entertainment sector.


In Belgium

Ladbrokes was established in Belgium in 1970 and has become the undisputed leader in the retail sector in Belgium through its network of agencies and newsagents. In 2014, Ladbrokes Belgium became Ladbrokes.be. Ladbrokes.be is present in Belgium with more than 300 agencies, around 400 newsagents and through the website. Since 2014, Ladbrokes Belgium has entered the digital market via its website and mobile applications. Online, Ladbrokes.be presents itself as the Belgian challenger and a strong competitor in the face of international market.

Ladbrokes.be offers a wide range of sports betting on different types of sporting events (football, tennis, F1, cycling, etc.) but also on horse betting (French, English and Belgian races) and greyhound racing. Ladbrokes.be offers their customers in Belgium the possibility to bet in agencies, in bookshops but also through the website. Both in the agencies and online, football, tennis and basketball are by far the most popular sports for gamblers. In 2019, more than 70% of the bets placed were on football with the Champions League, Premier League and major international matches. In retail, football accounts for more than 80% of all bets placed during 2019.


Agencies in Belgium

With its network of more than 300 agencies, Ladbrokes.be is the undisputed leader in the retail market. In each agency, customers are offered a variety of betting options on horse racing, greyhound racing, virtual betting, sports, etc. Each branch has different terminals to provide this offer to customers.

Digitalisation is becoming one of the primary objectives for all of the agencies. The tablet was introduced in the agencies during 2019. It enables customers to consult information on horse racing (English and French) and all sports betting. The aim of the tablets is to replace traditional media (newspapers, magazines) and improve the customer experience by making betting easier, more accessible and simpler to use.

Agencies’ managers are trained to be as attentive as possible to their customers. Not only to be at their service, but also to detect worrying gambling behaviour and report it. Ladbrokes.be puts everything in place to protect its agency staff by training them in all types of possible risks in agencies. For the encoding of bets, the agency managers use the DM21 system, which is managed by the Network department at the head office in Auderghem (Brussels).

Ladbrokes.be owns a gaminghall since 2019: Speelhal Bree. Thanks to this gaminghall, Ladbrokes.be now has the B and B+ licence (complementary licence for online games) which allows it to operate Dice games in gaming rooms but also online.


Since 2014, Ladbrokes Belgium has taken part in the digital market via its website Ladbrokes.be. Online, Ladbrokes.be presents itself as the Belgian challenger and a strong competitor in the face of international competition.

The Ladbrokes.be website is divided into three parts: sport, casino/poker and Dice Games. The sports section offers a range of bets on all types of sporting events: football, basketball, tennis, cycling, etc. The casino/poker section offers a multitude of games such as slots, cards and tables. It is also possible to play live casino/poker games 24 hours a day.

Ladbrokes Leuven

Values, mission, vision

Ladbrokes.be focuses the energy on five values that are essential for the well-being of its customers but also for the company:

  • The responsible gaming customer-focus
  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Entertainment


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary since its establishment in Belgium in 1970, Ladbrokes.be enters the philanthropic world and launches its Foundation, a great way to highlight the values of the company.

The Ladbrokes Foundation wants to be at the heart of the goals of the world of sport. And it has the will to invest in so much more than sports alone. Several sports ambassadors are involved in the project. They were selected for their sports talents, but above all for their human and civic values which they convey on and off their sports grounds.

The Ladbrokes Foundation wishes to encourage the voluntary commitment and enthusiasm of the Ladbrokes.be staff, which is an important link in the success of all the projects in which the foundation wishes to participate and invest.



Ladbrokes.be is a partner of many events and sports clubs in Belgium. The social responsibility of Ladbrokes.be is being one of the primary values leading the company to support many projects. In the field of sports, Ladbrokes.be supports clubs from various disciplines (football, hockey, basketball). It also supports Belgian sporting events such as the Raymond Goethals Trophy, which rewards the best Belgian football coach, or the VW Fun Cup, a car race at the wheel of the legendary Volkswagen Beetle.

Ladbrokes staff members work closely with the Ladbrokes Foundation. Together they want to invest in various social projects. The staff support the various projects set up by the foundation but are also involved. The foundation's first actions with Opération Thermos and la Cité Joyeuse have led to many employees to get their hands dirty!

"Many of us wish to participate in the actions of the foundation. First of all, it brings a new dimension to our daily work, but above all it allows us to provide invaluable help for a common project!" declares Charline Verhulst marketing manager at Ladbrokes.be but also ambassador to the foundation.

The objective of this partnership for Ladbrokes.be employees, with the foundation, is to work together with athletes to support them in their actions. For Ladbrokes.be employees, participating in the actions of the foundation allows them to add another character to the framework of their job. Getting involved in social actions brings a sense of belonging to the company but also a new relationship between colleagues. The will is therefore common and the enthusiasm very present for the Foundation and the Ladbrokes.be employees. This collaboration promises to be fruitful!

Entain Group

Since 2018 Ladbrokes Coral PLC is part of the Entain Group. Entain is one of the largest sports betting and gaming groups in the world, operating both online and in the retail sector. The group has an international reach with licences in over 20 jurisdiction and employs over 26,000 people in 20 offices on five continents.

Entain Foundation

The main purpose of the Entain Global Foundation is the coordination of Entain’s global corporate social responsibility initiatives as well as distribution of donations to non-profit organizations with comparable causes.

The foundation focus is in supporting areas where there is a natural connection with our business and customers. The foundation tries to put forward several values: responsible gambling, sports integrity and gambling regulation research, education and treatment. But also wellness, with a special focus on mental health, projects with a clear link to the local community in major office locations.

“Entain launched ‘Changing for the Bettor’ Safer Gambling Campaign and Announces Major Research Collaboration. ‘Changing for the Bettor’ is Entain’s global responsible gambling campaign. This global campaign is being spearheaded by a major new research project looking into problem gambling in collaboration with the Division on Addiction, Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital.

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"Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment Label"

Ladbrokes.be is trying to set itself long-term objectives, obtaining the CSRC Label is one of them. Choosing to become CSRC means sending out a signal: Ladbrokes.be is a company that takes responsibility for the impact of its decisions and is committed to the sustainable development of its activities in his sector of activity. Engaged CSR is a label that makes a difference and that we hope to obtain in order to support our social and environmental responsibility.