New shops: REDSPORTS

We have launched a new type of shop for some time now: Redsports ! It's time to explain the concept and for that, nothing like a little history.

1. The website

Initially, Redsports was launched as a sports news and statistics website for the 2018 World Cup with a prediction contest as part of it.

2. Twitch

We then turned to a social network well known to gamers; Twitch (Twitch is a streaming platform that allows live broadcasts), on which we launched our channel in March 2019. We host sports betting oriented talk shows and invite influencers (tipsters) to advise our audience.

On average, we are live once a day and cover as many sports as possible: football, tennis, basketball, F1, hockey, cycling, winter sports, etc.

You can find the TWITCH channel here:

3. The shops

Redsports shops are opening little by little in Belgium with the aim of opening about twenty by the end of the year.

Redsports shops are upmarket convenience stores in an industrial style (wood and metal). You will find press, food, drinks, and of course a betting corner with 4 betting machines.

This new adventure has led us to rework the branding with a new logo and a new slogan "THE ONE STOP CORNER" which will soon adorn our shops.

You will find below the list of the 7 Redsports shops already opened:

  • Redsports Braine 2377 : Avenue Leon Jourez, 74 / 1420 Braine L'Alleud  
  • Redsports Bxl Fourche 2822 : Rue de la Fourche, 15 / 1000 Bruxelles
  • Redsports Parvis St-Gilles 2270 : Rue Jourdan, 21 / 1060 Sint-Gilles 
  • Redsports Anderlecht 2289 : Chaussée de Mons, 1108 / 1070 Anderlecht
  • Redsports Laeken 2902 : Rue Fransman, 43 / 1020 Laeken
  • Redsports Charleroi 2290 : Rue Charles Dupret, 21 / 6000 Charleroi
  • Redsports Jette 2908 : Place Reine Astrid, 21 / 1090 Jette


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See you in a Redsports shop!