A "bronze" at the MIXX Awards

On October 14th, RMB & Gamned won together the 3rd prize in the category 'Best Use of Marketing Technology' at the MIXX Awards. The case concerned the launch of the first linear TV campaign in Belgium from a DSP (programmatic TV) for Ladbrokes.

In the spring of 2021, RMB partnered with Realytics to facilitate the purchase of linear TV campaigns in the Belgian market.

Realytics is a reference in programmatic buying with its Adkymia platform launched in the French market in 2019. And RMB is the first agency to implement Adkymia on the Belgian market as a programmatic TV buying solution.

By programmatic TV, we mean the provision of linear TV inventories on a DSP (Demand Side Platform). Adkymia effectively removes all the constraints and barriers of traditional linear TV ad buying through the automation of buying and screen planning.

Adkymia allows all buyers who wish to invest in the TV media according to the digital codes to access a multi-region inventory in a premium, brandsafe and totally transparent broadcasting context. All linear TV channels marketed by RMB are offered via Adkymia: La Une, Tipik, AB3, ABXPLORE and LN24.

The digital agency Gamned was the very first player to take advantage of the new advertising technology offered by RMB via Adkymia.

For its client Ladbrokes, Gamned was the first digital buyer to experiment with programmatic TV in Belgium, thus establishing the link between TV audiences and digital performance. The result? A TV campaign of 350,000 contacts with an EPC three times lower than the average cost of online video campaigns in 2021.

Together, RMB and Gamned won bronze in the 'Best Use of Marketing Technology' category at the MIXX Awards for the launch of this innovative TV buying method.

As a reminder, the IAB MIXX Marketing and Interactive Excellence Awards reward the best digital cases of the year. In Belgium, they are organized by the " Belgian Association of Marketing" (BAM) and "Best of Publishing", publisher of Inside Magazine and