Press release

05/2021 launches itself in Programmatic TV

In collaboration with RMB, Realytics and Gamned!, is testing the new programmatic TV buying on the market. "Innovation is part of our DNA. We are always open to new approaches that can serve the image of and the performance of our campaigns. With Programmatic TV, we achieve both objectives", explains Christophe Michel, Marketing & Digital Director of  

Among the advantages offered by this new purchase mode, the performance logic is key. "Indeed, it will be technically possible to directly link the broadcasting of the TV spots to the generation of traffic on the site via the use of a simple pixel. By monitoring the campaign's Cost Per Engagement (or Cost Per Visit), we are moving from a GRP logic to a performance logic similar to digital campaigns", says Catherine Hubaut, Deputy Managing Director, Gamned!

Currently, programmatic TV buying is available on five RMB channels (AB3, ABXPLORE, La Une, Tipik, and LN24). "RMB has always been a pioneer in opening up its technology infrastructure. By interconnecting our linear TV inventories with Realytics' demand management interface, which optimizes space buying based on performance criteria, RMB is opening up the linear TV universe to digital buyers. This is a great first, in which Gamned! has shown its agility and demonstrates that RMB was right to open up the TV screen to digital players," says Valérie Janssens, Director of Development, RMB.

"Just like in France, Gamned! is once again a pioneer on the Belgian market by being the first digital player to program a TV campaign via Adkymia on the RMB group's channels. We are delighted to continue our partnership with Gamned! in Belgium and that Adkymia will open the doors of the TV medium to a larger number of Belgian advertisers" concludes Guillaume Belmas, co-founder and CEO, Realytics | Adkymia.