Press release


A solidary Christmas

At the end of the year Ladbrokes Belgium decided to organise end-of-year celebrations for the most vulnerable people in our society. Yannik Bellefroid, CEO of Ladbrokes Belgium, joined forces with other entrepreneurs to offer a Christmas dinner on Christmas Evening. "I have been dreaming about this project for years and today it's coming true. This moment means a lot to me and I would like to thank everyone involved in this project" said Yannik.  

This Christmas dinner took place in the offices of Belgian Television and Radio broadcaster RTL (RTL House) on the ground floor, which had been transformed into a pop-up restaurant. Thanks to the energy and willingness of the Ladbrokes Belgium team, the event took place in a very cosy, warm and joyful atmosphere. The organisations that took part in the dinner were very thankful and underlined the involvement and generosity of the entrepreneurs. 

The Ladbrokes Belgium team did not hesitate for a moment to take part in this project and is proud of the final result.