Press release


"Give and Take" challenges coach Carole Bam!

The aim of the "Give and Take" concept - which is part of the Ladbrokes Foundation - is to offer sportsmen and women the opportunity to build themselves up outside of the simple framework of their career. "The objective is to become social entrepreneurs in a way, alongside their sporting career," explains one of the ambassadors of the Ladbrokes foundation, Jean-François Lenvain. "This allows them to develop skills that can be used during their career, but also for the future. We want to give a broader vision to athletes who can sometimes find themselves in more delicate situations in the event of injuries or poor results."

Projects in abundance

More than twenty athletes - most of whom are aiming for the Paris 2024 Olympics - have already embarked on various social projects that provide significant personal enrichment for their performance, but also for their overall balance. "For the past three years, many projects have come to fruition," continues the marathon runner. "The results are there. The learning at the human level is difficult to quantify, but it is there. These experiences allow athletes to enrich their lives in a much more complete way. The concept has not been slow to pay off for some. The development put in place brought a real balance as for Cynthia Bolingo for example. Cynthia's coach, Carole Bam, saw the results with her athlete and decided to join our movement".

Stepping out of one's comfort zone

An event supported by "Give and Take" is taking place this Thursday, October 13 at the Poseidon Sports Complex. The various protagonists who will be present will challenge each other in a swimming marathon and a solidarity parade will also be organized. "In addition to her career as a coach, Carole has launched her career in fashion design. We organized an event for Viva For Life where we proposed to athletes to get out of their comfort zone by participating in this swimming challenge. The objective will be to reach a certain number of kilometers and we will also have the opportunity to have fun with little games. There will also be a fashion show organized by Carole Bam. The desire is to get everyone out of their comfort zone. Carole and her teams are motivated and this is likely to result in something fun."

Challenging oneself to continue to build and find a balance, this is how one could summarize the challenges that await the participants of the day's event.