Press release


I want to help disadvantaged children

One can be a high-level sportsman, live most of the year in his bubble to progress and have a big heart while being open to noble causes. Zizou Bergs has understood this very well. During the Covid-19 crisis, the man from Limburg worked in a Lidl as a student to compensate for the lack of personnel.

Then, together with his mother, he made masks and delivered them by bike to people who needed them. With the help of Marcel Van Der Haegen and the support of his sponsor Yonex, Zizou Bergs sends equipment to Burundi every year for young local players. "Three times a year, we send rackets, clothes, etc. I talk about it everywhere I go and players like Ruben Bemelmans and Joran Vliegen have promised to help me collect equipment. It's important for me to get involved to help those who are less fortunate in life. This year, in Belgium, I will also be active with the 'Give and Take' branch of the Ladbrokes Foundation. I will also be involved in the 'Kids4Kids' project, which helps underprivileged children. It makes me happy to be active for good causes."

Responsible for 'Give and Take', Jean-François Lenvain talks about the role played by Zizou Bergs in these projects but especially about the mentality of the Belgian number two.

"I regularly talk to Zizou on the phone about projects, even when he's at a tournament," he says. "He manages to keep a good balance between his career and the essential things in life. With the 'Give and Take' project, we try to support Belgian athletes at a time in their career when they need it most. Athletes who are also beautiful people, like Zizou, like Lola Mansour, like Cynthia Bolingo. In return, we help our ambassadors to develop social projects. With 'Kids4Kids', for example, Zizou will organize an event in Neerpelt in the second half of 2022. The idea will be to set up a day of initiation to sports for underprivileged children, who do not have the chance in their life to practice a sports activity because of its cost. Then, if some bite at a discipline, we could help make that sport accessible to them."

A project that has been on Zizou Bergs' mind for more than a year since he was already talking about it in December 2020: "I want to gather a maximum of people during this day. There will be stands to introduce children to sports. I want to help them and put them on the right track. I think about this a lot when I travel."