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Learning the basics of nutrition, the mission of Hugo De Winter

We knew Hugo De Winter with his bike... Now there is Hugo De Winter with kitchen utensils in hand!

As a third year dietetics student, the young man from Binch has put his knowledge at the disposal of young athletes of the Ladbrokes Foundation, launched by Jean-François Lenvain, through a culinary workshop. An experience that fits perfectly with the philosophy of the foundation since its aim is to support young sportsmen and women in various ways, including nutrition. "I prepared this activity as part of my end-of-study work, since I am in my final year. I did a small culinary workshop with the Gen360 group to raise awareness about nutrition among young athletes. On Friday, I had done a workshop with the Standard U16s, and on Sunday with these promising young athletes."

To perform in sports, there's more to it than just training. And nutritional advice is also an important element. "I've tried to make them understand that there are a variety of things that help them get better at their sport. I use the example of a cyclist. Preparation is not just about pedaling, there are other things on the side. Nutrition is one of them. I used my small career but I think it is important that athletes are made aware of this very early on".

During this workshop, Hugo therefore made three dishes with them. "Breakfast, dinner and snack. We made a granola, a sandwich with the right filling and a fruit salad with yogurt. The idea was to make with very accessible, inexpensive dishes that do not require professional utensils. They should be able to reproduce them easily. It had to remain playful."

"Here, it was a workshop that was adapted to all sports. I had cyclists but also an 800m athlete. It had to speak to everyone. Afterwards, there will be a follow-up with them and at that point, I can give them more specific things. I've always been attracted to high performance sport. If I can get a foot in it through my studies, it would be a great satisfaction."

And this first workshop was a success! 

Bertrand Lefebvre