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The first programmatic In Game campaign in Belgium! is a major player in online betting in Belgium. When launching its new mobile app and website in 2021, Ladbrokes aimed to establish a broadly targeted branding campaign to attract both captive users and to maximise the coverage of the device to broaden the spectrum of potential users. All this while affirming its status as an early adopter in digital advertising. To this end, has joined forces with the expertise of Gamned! to launch the first programmatic In Game campaign in Belgium, and to test the potential of this digital format exclusively. This innovation was based on a display ad in the popular game Football Manager (versions 2020 and 2021) in order to capture an audience in line with the services offered by For Gamned! this partnership is an opportunity to showcase in unexplored gaming universes, with privileged advertising locations in affinity with the users of the site.

Gamned! has joined forces with a technological partner, Bidstack, thus enabling the purchasing mechanisms specific to programmatic advertising, which are its strength (targeting, controlled capping, etc.), to be available in 100% in-game environments.

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